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Key Features
*  History
*  Types of Fingerprints
Multiple Intelligence
*  Different types of Intelligences
*  How to make best of use of your intelligence
Learning Type
*  Video
*  Audio
*  Kinesthetic
the director message
The message
When I saw children are not getting hopeful results of their hard work and taking wrong steps in their life , it's shows their inability to choose right path and capability of taking good decisions . Getting all this in mind I have started working upon it . I just want children to make their career according to their inborn talent so that they must get success in thier life . Keeping all this in mind and as per scientist findings from last 200 years , we have prepare a week councelling for children on the basis which will enhance the reading, learning, thinking ability of a child .

Amresh Singh
I am happy with the great service provided by the Zunam Tech while choosing my career path. It was very helpful to me and now I am doing well in my life. Thanks alot!!!
Raghvendra Singh
I have consulted Zunam Tech as I was not happy with my performance in my studies. With the help of their training sessions I have changed my daily routines and now I am doing well in my studies. Cheers for Zunam Tech!!! Keep Going!!!
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